Academics & Scholarship

Alpha Gamma Delta establishes a strong academic foundation for all members and encourages them to reach for their best. Our Academic Excellence Team provides members with resources and motivation to excel. They also keep members current on available scholarships, study abroad programs, tutoring assistance, job interview and resume skills training, internships and career counseling.

Academic success is celebrated in Alpha Gamma Delta—both as a group and individually. In addition to chapter-wide recognition for academic achievement, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation awards scholarships to more than 150 deserving sisters across the U.S. and Canada.


Why is Academics important to Alpha Gam?

My name is Odi Ozuligbo, and I’m the Vice President of Academic Excellence!  Alpha Gam values academics because we know the main goal of higher education is to get an education! While Greek Life is an added bonus to the campus, we strive to keep academics at the top of our priorities. I personally believe that when you are educated you can do anything, so I do my best to help sisters with any academic needs they may have! To become a part of Alpha Gam, your high school GPA must be at least a 2.7 and your college GPA must be at least a 2.5. In order to remain in good standing, once in Alpha Gam, your GPA each semester must be at least a 2.5.


Presidents List for Spring Semester 2020: 18 Members

Meredith Avera

Sabrina Brantley

Anna Davis

Kelly Garrett

Hope Hodges

Katie Martin

Laura Jones

Natalie Jones

Sally Ozment

Lizeth Ramirez

Harleigh Roberts

Madison Robinson

Juliyanne Rutherford

Allison Thomas

Rachel Williams

Kelsi Wilson

Pi Chi

Pi Chi

Deans List Spring Semester 2020: 6 Members

Kristen Bayles

Tessa Burns

Madison Friley

Odi Ozuligbo

Allison Swiney

Ramsey Thrash